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Prolific Writer


Melissa Walker-Johnson is a published writer with several curriculum and books to her credit. She is the creative writer of curriculums currently being taught in Christian schools, such as Christian Character Curriculum. She is also the writer of "The Pains and Joys of Raising Boys" and "Growing Towards Maturity".

In 2018, she published her first of many books entitled, “7 Weapons to Defeat Worry.” This book has been sold all around the world and on different continents. The book purpose is to empower the reader to live a victorious life by applying the principals to defeat worry.


This woman is very busy, but she continues to inspire the world through her prolific poetry. These poems are written to awaken the spirit and inspire the soul. She is specifically known for the intriguing and inspirational series, “The Brilliance of a Black Woman.” All of her writings are to inspire the world and give glory to God.