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Melissa Walker-Johnson was raised in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World organization, under the leadership of Suffragan Bishop Rush Lockhart Jr., for 25 years. She held many positions in the local church before going into full-time ministry. She is a licensed and ordained minister. She received her ordination in 2013, under the leadership of Pastor Christopher Brooks of Evangel Ministries.


She is a Conference Speaker inspiring women around the world to live out a victorious life in Christ. She is a Pulpit Preacher exhorting and expounding on the foundational principles of the faith. She is also a Small Group Facilitator teaching women how to apply biblical principles to grow and mature in Christ. She has  written several curriculums, and taught small groups of women and young women, in the area of spiritual maturity. Her passion is to see women grow in maturity, and to live out the purpose and plan God has for their lives.


She is the founder and creator of a mentoring group developed to deal with the issues of Christianity in an anti-Christian culture, known as “Sister-Girls” ministry. She was a mentor to over 30 young women from the ages of 13-18 for over four years. She is also the co-founder of a Christian Family Group (CFG) in 2002 created to empower and equip families to grow and live out their faith.


Her passion for the word, and the world will set hearts on fire, as she inspires them towards purpose and kingdom living. She is a “kingdom dreamer” and Dreaming Big is her mission. To God be the Glory!



Melissa Johnson is being highlighted for her extraordinary work with W.O.W. Ministries and her growing influence with the Brillant Black Man Tour. Read what the media has to say.


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