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Melissa Johnson

  • President/CEO

  • Preacher/Conference Speaker

  • P2P Career & Couple's Coach

  • Publish Author

  • Producer/Talk Radio Host/ BBM Show

  • Professor/ Career Development/Religion

  • Podcast Host/Pain 2 Purpose

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The Motivation ,

The Movement , The Mission

     W.O.W. Ministries & Coaching was birthed out of pain. On life's journey pain is a necessary stop, and you must decide how you will make it through to the other side of your pain. You have a choice to worry about your life and give up the fight. Or you can decide to worship God through your pain, and triumph over it victoriously. Purpose is always the end goal, but you must fight to arrive whole, healed, and transformed.  

     This ministry is designed to give you the tools and strategies to help navigate through life's pain. Your purpose is greater than your pain, and God will use your pain to prepare you for your purpose.


     Rejoice my friend, there is life after pain, and I call it Purpose. Now pursue it Passionately. Have a WOW kind of day!                                                                                           Melissa

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