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A Portrait of Real Love

Written and Arranged by Melissa Johnson

for WOW Ministries, LLC

I see you beyond the exterior beauty of how you're fearfully woven together into a vision of loveliness.

My soul reaches deep down into the root of what makes you tick. You're a hidden treasure well put together.

I'm captivated by your love, everywhere I turn I see portraits of your lovely countenance. When I lay down, I dream of you. I'm awaken with a vision radiating all against my face. I go down beneath the surface into the depths of what makes me holler your name. Your love takes me to a place where I'm secure and safe. I've been searching long and hard for the real thing, a love that will make my heart skip a beat. Could this be? Oh yeah, this is real love! This love can't be define my ordinary rhymes. It's the kind that connects two heart beats, and run like a stream of water down into the deep blue sea. This type is not shallow, selfish, or self-promoting. It's unconditional, and it will knock you off your feet. This love is so sweet what a treat when you say, "I never want to live without you." Could this be? Oh yeah, this is real love! I'm mesmerized by the simplicity of a being so pure and true. I hear your voice whispering in my ears, and your touch caressing me through your tears? I know there are many people around the world, but it's you that has captured my heart. When you look into my eyes, your smile takes me to a mountain peak. I think I can fly high above the clouds. I land safely on solid ground knowing you're with me I can fly anytime. Your love is killing me softly, so I treat you like a treasure, a rare diamond fitting gently into my arms. Some search eternity to find this kind of love, but I'm fortunate to have my love holding me tightly every night. Your love reassures me it's ok to fight. Why? Real love comes at a price, the tag is high, but the rewards are endless. Could this be? Oh yeah baby, this is the Portrait of Real Love!

But the greatest of these is Love...Real Love (1 Cor 13:13b). Happy Valentine's Day!

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