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Preparation for Purpose Series!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Identifying your Purpose - Part 1

Do you know your Purpose?

Do you know why God created you, and what He requires of your life? He has a major calling on your life, and that calling is rooted in your purpose. You were created with purpose to proclaim Christ and His Kingdom in the world.

This series will reflect on the life of Joseph, his dream leading to his destiny. This series will also concentrate on how you can discover your dream, develop your dream, and dominate your destiny. We will use the biblical story of Joseph and his calling to correlate your purpose to biblical times. We will show how his purpose was discovered, cultivated, and matriculated into his divine destiny. Your dream in this series will be synonymous or interchangeable to your purpose.

This series is so important because so many Christians don't know their gifts, calling, and purpose. This is not God's will for your life. In order to possess the land you need to know what land, where he wants you to go, and what he wants you to do when you get there.

How can you discover your Purpose?

Discovery #1: Search for your Spiritual Gifts.

  1. Seek Good for your gifts.