Brilliance of A Black Man Series Loving a black man

by Melissa Johnson @

Loving a Black Man, when he's up at the crack of dawn to the setting of the sun providing for his family.

Loving a Black Man, when tears are falling from his eyes, because he wants to be a great man, father, and husband. 

Loving a Black Man, when the weight of the world is so heavy on his shoulder he tosses and turns all night longing for answered prayers.

Loving a Black Man, when modern culture misunderstands him and seeks to destroy his dreams.

Loving a Black Man, through the deliberate racial attacks to destroy his seed and his legacy.

Loving a Black Man, when society hates him, because of his skin color and the creativeness of his mind.

Loving a Black Man, when the world doesn’t understand the hunt in him, so they call him an

angry black man!

Loving a Black Man, because God made him with great purpose and power to dominate his territory.

Loving a Black Man, because he’s a rare breed possessing great strength to unlock every door.

Loving a Black Man, because you will go where others dare to go, and you will bust open doors to proclaim your fame.

You will fight with all of your might to win the battle. You use your weapons masterfully to overcome and stake your claim.

Loving a Black Man, because of your strong loving arms and the fight for freedom you have for the injustices of this world.

I adore you black man, because you are one of a kind. We see and celebrate your creativeness. Yes, I'm loving a black man… a Strong Black Man!

I celebrate your creativeness, and embrace your giftedness.

There is only one on the earth like you. I call him a Strong Black Man!

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