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The Ministry with Melissa Johnson

WOW Ministries, LLC., now LIVE on the World Wide Web. You can visit the site at The ministry is committed to writing and speaking to equip and empower the world for Christ. All of the series are written with you in mind, by brother and sister. May the words awaken your spirit, expand your mind, and cause your heart to search for God. You are more than what people see on the outside, because internally you are masterfully being transformed to reflect His image. He wants to do a great work in you as a visible reflection of His glory.

Melissa Walker-Johnson, MAPT

Remember, you are more than what they see! Only God can create something out of nothing; the latin term is exnihilo. You're becoming a new being in Christ as He breathes power and purpose into your soul.

Yes, God is still speaking and dead things are being created, made alive, and made new! There is life in His voice as He commands even the elements of the earth to submit and obey. You are more than what they see, but when the Almighty speak life into your dead situation all things will become new.

Now awake my brother and sister, and see the power of God upon your life. It's your new season, all things have worked together for your good. May you continue to choose to Worship your God over Worrying about your life.

Eternally Grateful,


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