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Brilliance of a Strong Black Man

Brilliant Black Man Series

Strong Black Man

by Melissa Johnson

Strong Black Man, you're a rare breed created to reproduce and rule your kingdom.

You’re a King, and your strength makes you brave, bold, brilliant, and a black thinker sitting on the throne.

You’re a warrior with impeccable resolve to ignite a revolution. A man of steel, but they will never steal your soul.

They can never eradicate your essence or your supreme equality to effectively empower the next generation.

They can never delineate your destiny of divine royalty or diminish your

dominion to subdue and conquer.

They can never erase your beautiful brown bold pigment that embraces and

enhances your chocolate face.

They can never dim the light that shines so bright even through hate and the

darkest of the night.

When, I look into your eyes strong black man, I can see the eye of a tiger. I can hear your voice roaring like a lion searching for his prey.

Your hands are strong to hold the world tightly, while creating and carving delightful masterpieces.

I see your heart balancing the weight of humility and the hunt. The scales of justice one day will arrive as the shackles are falling before your eyes.

You are strong my King, and your Blackness makes you one Brilliant Black Man.

Written by Melissa Johnson

for WOW Ministries, LLC

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